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Top 10 New Rolled Ice Cream Flavors in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city that loves ice cream. Back in 2017, the Museum of Ice Cream opened its doors in the city after its debut in New York, selling thousands of tickets immediately. With year-round summer weather, it’s only natural that this sun-baked coastal city would pour all their love for ice cream into such an exhibit.

Although it has since moved to a new location, Los Angeles continues to innovate. A new ice cream trend is coming to the city. Inspired from Thai ice cream vendors, cold rolled ice cream is becoming the hot (or rather, cold) new thing for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. Unlike traditional ice cream, the ingredients are poured onto a frozen surface and made into ice cream, which is then rolled up and served, right before your eyes. Many prefer rolled ice cream to traditional ice cream, since you know exactly what’s in your dish.

Ice cream has been a favorite dessert in the United States since the late 1800s, but back then, flavors were limited to the basics such as vanilla and chocolate. Now, there are as many flavors as we can imagine! Whatever your personal preferences, whether traditional or rolled, it can surely be found as a flavor of cold rolled ice cream in Los Angeles. Here are the top 10 flavors every fan of ice cream should try while in the city.

10. Chocolate


It’s impossible to go wrong with this simple classic. Alongside vanilla, chocolate is known as the cornerstone of ice cream flavors, and for a good reason! Chocolate ice cream is the oldest known ice cream flavor, and has only been getting better with time. It’s delicious and simple on its own, but many ice cream parlors and creameries have their own twists on it, making every chocolate ice cream unique and worth trying.

Chocolate Flavor of Rolled Ice Cream in Los Angeles

Some may include bits of brownies, fudge, chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, and other chocolate treats inside. You’ll have to eat a lot of ice cream if you want to see all the varieties of chocolate that rolled ice cream makers in Los Angeles have concocted!

9. Strawberry


Like chocolate, strawberry ice cream is a classic that most are already familiar with. Dating back to the early 1800s, it’s a refreshing and light-tasting treat, perfect for a springtime or summer dessert. In the same vein as chocolate ice cream, different varieties of strawberry ice cream have hit the market, such as Strawberry Cheesecake, a flavor of roll up ice cream made with cheesecake, strawberry, and graham cracker.

It is also sometimes served with chocolate chips, fresh berries, or alongside chocolate and vanilla ice cream for a Neapolitan ice cream experience. When in doubt, strawberry ice cream is a safe bet for a tasty frozen snack.

8. S’Mores


S’Mores are a staple summer snack all throughout the United States. Usually enjoyed on chilly nights around the campfire, this combination of graham crackers, toasted marshmallow, and chocolate have widespread appeal. Enjoy this comfort food as a refreshing treat instead in the form of ice cream.

Similar to Rocky Road ice cream (which despite not being on this list, should not be overlooked), another well-known American classic, S’Mores ice cream combines chocolate ice cream, graham, and marshmallow to recreate the campfire favorite for any cold rolled ice cream fanatic to enjoy on any hot summer day.

7. Pistachio


Many children first experience pistachio ice cream by mistake, believing it to be mint due to its distinctive bright green color. Whether you were pleasantly surprised by the taste or only learned to love it later, there is a lot to enjoy with pistachio ice cream.

Delicious Pistachio Varieties in Cold Rolled Ice Cream

It can be found plain or mixed with other ingredients for variety. One delicious twist on pistachio roll up ice cream is White Chocolate Pistachio, a cold rolled ice cream made of pistachio base, white chocolate drizzle, and pistachio pieces for extra flavor. White chocolate pairs wonderfully well with nuts of all sorts!

6. Cookie Dough


We all love cookies. We all love ice cream. Why not combine them? Ice cream parlors worldwide have nailed the art of combining these two cherished desserts. The sky's the limit when it comes to variety. There are as many options as there are types of cookies!

The most common, however, is the classic chocolate chip cookie dough, often with pieces of cookie dough imbedded into it for a chewy surprise throughout. Many include baked cookie toppings as well. Make sure to visit different creamies and parlors throughout Los Angeles to see all the creativity and flavor combinations available with something as versatile as cookies.

5. Matcha Green Tea


Matcha is a powdered form of green tea originating from Japan. Delightfully bitter, and very healthy, it’s enjoyable on its own, but has a special place in desserts of all kinds. It combines well in cakes and pies with pecans and white chocolate, into truffles with dark chocolate, and makes wonderful cheesecake. But most importantly, it works with all these flavor combinations as ice cream! Matcha ice cream comes with all these flavor combinations and more.

Roll-Up Ice Cream Made Interesting

An interesting and unique choice is matcha cold rolled ice cream made with mochi, a traditional japanese rice cake with a sweet but neutral taste. Served with a stick of green-tea flavored Pocky, this roll up ice cream is a perfect choice for those who seek Japanese cuisine in Los Angeles.

4. Mint Chocolate Chip


Mint and chocolate is a combination as powerful as peanut butter and jelly. The two flavors go wonderfully well in all kinds of desserts such as cookies (which the Girl Scouts are very well aware of), cakes, and of course, ice cream! Mint chocolate chip ice cream consistently ranks in the Top 10 favorite ice cream flavors in American surveys.

Creameries and ice cream parlors across the country have taken advantage of this high regard. Like several other flavors on this list, the varieties in mint ice cream are endless. Some have mint-flavored ice cream and plain chocolate, while some have chocolate chips that are also mint flavored. Consider trying mint chocolate chip rolled ice cream, which is made of mint, chocolate drizzle, and chocolate chips mixed in for extra crunch.

3. Hazelnut


Like pistachios, hazelnuts are a fan-favorite nut found in sweets of all kinds. It pairs well with almonds, vanilla, apples, pecans, caramel, coffee, and most notably, chocolate. All of these combinations and more can be found in hazelnut ice cream, which is why it’s our pick for the bronze medal. Hazelnut ice cream can consist of vanilla ice cream with rock salt and hazelnut toppings, chocolate ice cream with pieces of hazelnut and caramel drizzle, or anything else you can imagine. The surprise factor alone is enough to justify ordering hazelnut roll up ice cream in every parlor you visit.

A famous hazelnut concoction is Nutella, a chocolate spread made by Ferrero, as well as It’s commonly used as the base for hazelnut ice cream. If you’re lucky, it’ll even come topped with crushed Ferrero Rocher, another of Ferrero’s hazelnut-based treats.

2. Salted Caramel


Salted caramel is the perfect sweet-and-salty flavor that can be added to desserts of any kind. It’s especially delicious on ice cream, oftentimes as a topping to vanilla ice cream. However, some rolled ice cream parlors take it further than that and mix caramel base, pure rock salt, and cream to make salted caramel ice cream from scratch. This is perfect for ice cream lovers who think that some drizzle on top just isn’t enough. Try sea salt varieties for an even more flavorful salty treat.

1. Oreo


Oreos are a long-standing American staple dessert, ever since their invention in 1912. They consist of 2 chocolate cookies with a layer of cream filling in between, and the taste is unmistakable and unforgettably iconic. In the 21st century, several different flavors and varieties of Oreos have been released, but the original remains the favorite.

Latest Los Angeles Trends in Oreo Roll-Up Ice Cream

The latest trend has been incorporating Oreos into desserts. Viral videos of Oreo-themed recipes are commonplace, and for a good reason. What’s not to love about desserts made with an already delicious dessert? Fortunately, ice cream parlors have caught onto this trend, and Oreo roll up ice cream is now a popular choice all over Los Angeles. Whether it’s a milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate drizzle, and ground up Oreos, rolled ice cream made with Oreos and cream, or anything else, you can’t go wrong with this unique and wonderful flavor.

There is absolutely no shortage of wonderful, creative, and most importantly delicious cold rolled ice cream flavors to try throughout Los Angeles. Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to finding new ways to please our sweet tooth, and finding the most innovative yet classically delicious ice cream in Los Angeles, no matter your preference, is astoundingly easy. There’s almost enough variety to justify visiting the city just for the ice cream! Nevertheless, no matter if you’re visiting or if you’re a local, you will never go hungry and your sweet tooth will definitely be satisfied.


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